CORE POWER is a UK-based development company, specializing in scalable atomic power technology for ocean transport and heavy industry. In partnership with leading international corporations, we aim to deliver durable zero-emission energy for floating industrial production and deep-sea shipping.

We co-fund developments of m-MSR technology from prototyping to mass assembly with the aim of deploying the first prototype m-MSRs on land to mass-produce ‘green’ synthetic fuels as a transition fuel for smaller ships and enable installation of the m-MSR on large ships.

We help clients and customers make the transition from fossil fuels to m-MSR power through design and engineering consulting and leads the work required to amend maritime regulations for wide acceptance of m-MSR powered ships in ports around the world.

CORE POWER is owned by its founders and outside investors from the shipping and finance sectors.

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CORE-POWER is developing game changing energy technology for ocean transportation together with the world’s leading Advanced Reactor Developers (ARDs). The world’s leading ARDs have chosen to partner with CORE-POWER because we bring access to pent-up demand from a market with real customers.

We work with our partners in Europe and the USA to commercialise revolutionary new energy technologies for transport and industry.

CORE-POWER partners with ARD companies that are designing and building modular MSRs suitable for use on large ships.

We are constantly reviewing engineering designs for truly sustainable zero emission propulsion systems.

CORE-POWER is investigating, researching and designing solutions for engine room layouts and propulsion systems for use with m-MSRs.

Our intimate knowledge of shipping, marine engineering and naval architecture and our understanding of m-MSR  technology, gives CORE-POWER a unique edge.

We have detailed roadmaps of technology development, regulatory approvals and deployment schedules.

Over the next few decades as many as 60,000 ships must transition from combustion of fossil fuels to zero-emission propulsion. The UN’s maritime agency IMO has mandated with unanimous approval from 197 countries that shipping must reduce emissions by 50% of the 2008 total, before 2050. This means an actual emission reduction of almost 90%, by 2050.

The m-MSR can achieve that goal alone, by producing green sustainable fuels for the smaller ships and powering the largest ships.

We aim to have the first series of licensed ‘m-MSR’ producing power for synthetic fuels by the mid to late 2020s and powering ships from 2030.

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