Mission Innovation, the global initiative to accelerate public and private clean energy innovation to address climate change, has launched a new Mission for Shipping initiative with the goal of decarbonizing the shipping sector.

Led by Denmark, Norway and United States, Mission for Shipping has a goal of enabling 5% of the global deep-sea shipping fleet to run on zero-emission fuels by 2030 by supporting public-private cooperation and increasing research and development to transition to zero-carbon fuels and propulsion systems.

The Mission for Shipping is one of Mission Innovation’s three global missions spearheading “a decade of innovation” in order to drive global investment in clean energy research, development and demonstrations. The goal is to make clean energy affordable, attractive and accessible to all within this decade in order to achieve Paris Agreement climate goals of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.

You can read the whole story here:

Global Initiative to Tackle Zero-Emission Ships by 2030


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