A common misconception about advanced nuclear technologies is that they are largely conceptual and will not be commercialized in time to contribute to meeting near-term climate goals. The next generation of nuclear reactors, collectively called “advanced reactors,” are actually making substantial progress towards commercialization and are poised to offer new tools to provide clean energy.

Today is a watershed moment in the advanced reactor space, with more than 30 commercial scale demonstrations of different designs in progress across the globe. These designs cut across technologies, sizes, and target applications. The timelines for these projects show that advanced nuclear energy can be operational in time to address the climate challenge, with commercial demonstrations in the 2020s, and then cost-reduction and large-scale rollout in the 2030s.

These reactors are designed for mass production and to reduce construction risk through modularity, simplification of design, and a high-level of manufactured content. With shorter construction timeframes and lower construction risk, advanced reactors could quickly achieve cost reductions through technological learning.

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