CORE POWER Strategy.

CORE-POWER is rapidly becoming the world leader in m-MSR related marine engineering.

We are committed to creating wide acceptance of the technology in the maritime industry, revising maritime rules and regulations, and building markets to commercialise the m-MSR for global shipping.

CORE-POWER partners with the world’s leading Advanced Reactor Developers (ARDs) and will commercialise m-MSR technology for the shipping industry, along the following strategic path:

  • Providing investment funds in combination with our ARD partners, to bring m-MSR technology to fruition from prototyping to mass assembly.
  • Deploy the first prototype m-MSRs on land to mass-produce ‘green’ synthetic fuels as a transition fuel for smaller ships.
  • Help clients and customers make the transition from fossil fuels to m-MSR power through design and engineering consulting.
  • Lead the work required to amend maritime regulations for wide acceptance of m-MSR powered ships in ports around the world.
  • Provide solutions for leasing, ship management support, processes and procedures and specialist crews for m-MSR powered ships.
  • Enable installation of the m-MSR on large ships to create economically competitive and environmentally friendly propulsion solutions for shipping.

The world’s leading ARDs have chosen to partner with CORE-POWER because we bring access to pent-up demand from a market with real customers.

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