Going to ‘Zero’ is the greatest challenge ever faced by heavy industry and transport.

Over the next few decades we must transition from combustion of fossil fuels to zero-emission power and propulsion.

With continued growth in global trade and ocean transportation, this really means abandoning combustion, and moving decisively to a reliable, clean energy system.

Advanced Atomic is the inevitable answer to how that is achieved.

With small liquid fuelled MSRs built, we can stop releasing harmful emissions and be self-reliant with durable and all-electric machines powering heavy transport and industry. That opens the door to a world of new marine technologies and a brand-new competitive advantage across the industrial landscape.

The marine MSR (m-MSR) is small, with few moving parts, and can run for decades without refuelling, leaving little waste.

Because it can be mass assembled in large numbers, the m-MSR has an economic potential which is greater than that of oil and gas. It can provide all the sustainable, clean energy we need to move us deep into the future without polluting the environment.

Revolutionising ocean transportation.

The m-MSR can revolutionise marine propulsion and create brand-new competitive advantages for shipping, breaking those chains that are holding the industry down.

  • Producing green synthetic fuels with 100% clean power
  • Powering the largest ships with all-electric propulsion.

Zero emissions will always come as standard.

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